This website shows Japanese expertise in endoscopic diagnosis and resection of Early GI NPL and Western efforts to implement ESD based on material from previous ESD Workshops and Endo-Skill Updates (2009-2018) in Salzburg AT, updated until 20.02.2024 (syllabus for ESD Hands-on Workshop, Berlin 2024). Selection of content by:

Frieder Berr, M.D.

Frieder Berr, M.D.
Prof em., Dept. of Medicine I
Paracelsus Medical University
Strubergasse 22
5020 Salzburg, AT
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Note: Frieder Berr advocates en bloc resection of early neoplasms graded as malignant (as in Japanese and British guidelines), and for pathological assessment according to validated JGES criteria for curative resection. The survey of the 10 ESD Workshops advocates implementation of ESD with technical step-up mainly in colorectum. Lack of difference in outcome of colonic vs rectal ESD is proven in the large French multicenter study (FECCO, Endosc [abstr.] 2024). Since 2009, F.B. has been committed to training in endoscopic diagnosis, indication and resection of Early GI Neoplasms.