ESD KNOW-HOW & Self Training

ESD basic technique

  • chap 3: T Oyama, N Yahagi. Principles of endoscopic resection: Diagnostic and curative resection of mucosal neoplasias. pp 47-52.
    3.4-3.6 ESD: basic techniques, outcome, complications and management; learning ESD. pp 53-62.
    In: Atlas of Early NPL of the GIT, Berr F, Oyama T, Ponchon T, Yahagi N (eds), 2nd ed, Springer New York, 2019
  • ESD Know-how: Techniques, electrosurgical settings, experimental training, material list®
    Syllabus – ESD Clinical Tutoring, Berr F, Kiesslich T (unpublished; updated 2024)
Syllabus – ESD Clinical Tutoring (login required)

ESD Training with antegrade-cut ESD knives
(Dual-J®-, Hook-J®-, Flush-BT®-knife, HYBRIDknife-flex®)

  • Yahagi N. Colorectal ESD Training using Dual knife (Olympus ESD Self-Learning tool):
    Setup of training on "ex-vivo porcine stomach" - or synthetic training model "EndoGel" - Fujifilm® Europe
    *** basic program on endoscope and knife manipulation for beginners ***
Olympus ESD Self-Learning tool EndoGel Simulator

Ex-vivo ESD Training

≥20 experimental ex-vivo ESD procedures (team work)

  • Model see Yahagi above (porcine stomach or bovine colon)
    final series of 10 ex-vivo ESD (>90% en-bloc) without perforation.

Observation of clinical ESD procedures:

≥20 expert ESDs in different anatomic GI locations:

  • personal reflection of indication, strategy, risks of ESD (alternative approaches) for that lesion.
  • document indication, graph of lesion, sequential ESD steps (strategy), procedure time.

Mentorship for ESD indication and ESD assistance

during ESD Hands-on or Clinical Tutoring course

  • answer/demonstrate personal know-how during ESD assistance
  • document as above

First Clinical ESD (n≥10) under supervision by expert ESD mentor

  • diagnostic endoscopy (ESD indication & strategy) before scheduling of the patient
  • fully informed consent of the patient
  • ESD procedure: complete video recording & image documentation (lesion, ESD steps, AE, outcome, register for follow-up)

Lectures on:

ESD Know-how

ESD Complications

ESD Cases

Takashi Toyonaga / Kobe, JP
Pat. (82 y.o. female, ASA II) referred by Michael Anzinger / Munich

Tsuneo Oyama / Saku, Nagano, JP
Moderator: Alexander Ziachehabi / Linz, AT

Appendix - ESD Material List

  • pp 45-48 in Syllabus – ESD Hands-on Berlin 2024 (For complete access: „user2024“ and „updt2024“
Syllabus 2024 – ESD Clinical Tutoring

Excel File for prospective, blinded register of ESD cases

will be lateron included (website updates)